How to get to Estonia

Travel Information About Estonia

Travelling to Estonia is easy – by plane, train, automobile or boat (ferries and cruises). As a member of European Union, we’ve got all the comforts of modern European country to offer.
Citizens from EU, USA, New Zealand, Canada or Australia do not need a visa to enter and you also do not need one, if you are travelling with a Schengen visa.
Estonia joined the EURO-zone in the beginning of 2011 – and now, EURO is the official currency.
In comparison with other European capitals, luxury is cheap and it is easy to get a good value for your money, making Estonia a desired shopping destination.
Estonia has full mobile coverage and in city centrals, wireless is free and widely available.
Most shops, banks and restaurants are open on public holidays –25th of December and 1st of January are the only days when most businesses are closed.

How to get to Estonia?

By Air

The main international airport is in Tallinn. Tallinn Airport is about 4 kilometres from the city centre and is easily accessible by taxi or bus no. 2. The terminal building is a modern, convenient and clean building – the modernisation was famously prompted by Estonian President Lennart Meri holding a press conference in the terminal’s public toilets to publicise the poor state of the facilities.

Estonian Air operates between Tallinn and European cities such as Barcelona, Brussels, Copenhagen, London, Kiev, Milan, Rome, Moscow, Stockholm, Oslo, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Paris, Dublin, Simferopol, Vienna, Dubrovnik, Vilnius, Minsk, Helsinki and Kuressaare. Updated timetables and flight information can be found at Tallinn Airport.

By Sea

Several ferry operators, Viking Line, Linda Line Express, Tallink and others, connect Tallinn to:
Helsinki (Finland)
Stockholm (Sweden)
Åland (Finland)
Saint Petersburg (Russia)
Rostock (Germany)

The most popular passenger lines connect Tallinn to Helsinki (approximately 80 kilometres north of Tallinn). Fast ferries ship enormous numbers of people between Tallinn and Helsinki every day during the summer period. Departure schedules can be found on the Port of Tallinn website at

By Coach

There are regular international bus connections between Tallinn and other European cities. Pikamaa coaches offer direct services to Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Ukraine and Russia. Additional information: Lux Express


By Rail

The Tallinn-Moscow express is a convenient way to travel between the Estonian and Russian capitals. Additional information can be found at